Aftermarket Vs. Factory Remote Start Systems

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Remote Car Starter Systems - Factory vs Aftermarket

A lot of customers ask us about the difference between Factory Remote Start Systems and ones that we install. From the standpoint of starting your car, they all work pretty much the same: You press a button and your car starts. The differences between how the systems work can strongly influence your buying decision.

Remote Control Range Differences

The biggest and most noticeable difference between a factory and an aftermarket remote car starter is how much range the remote control has. Most factory remotes offer very limited range – maybe a few hundred feet at the most. Sure, there are exceptions, but with a similarly priced (or even cheaper) aftermarket remote starter, you have the option up to 3 miles of range, depending on the remote package you choose!  Extra range means that you can be farther away from your vehicle and still have full control over it.

Amazing Convenience Options

With an aftermarket starter, options like rear window defroster activation, heated seat control, and heated steering wheel control based on the temperature of the vehicle are very common. We can expand functionality with a security system option that includes a shock sensor, two-way remote controls that will page you when something is happening to your vehicle or a Telematics system like CarLink that lets you use your smartphone to control your car.

Configurable Run Time

Most factory remote starter systems only run for 10 minutes. If ice has covered your car or truck, 10 minutes isn’t going to be enough time to defrost anything. We can set the run time for the systems we install for 20 minutes. If you have any application that requires more time, we can go up to 30 minutes, or even as high as 60 minutes if need be.


Some car dealerships attempt to deter clients from buying aftermarket remote starters by telling them it would void the vehicle warranty. That is simply not true. The Magnussen-Moss Warranty Act ensures that consumers are allowed to purchase whatever products they want for their vehicles, wherever they want.

Another common statement is that the manufacturer’s warranty covers the factory remote starter system. Our Lifetime Warranty covers a remote car starter system, as well as all the wiring we do in your vehicle – as long as you remain the owner of the vehicle. In both cases, remotes themselves have limited warranties; however the remote start systems & installations we sell all carry a Lifetime Warranty.

Trusted Products from Reliable Vendors

We have spent years searching for the best remote car starter systems in the industry. We install hundreds of systems each year and the last thing our customers or we want are headaches. When we build a remote starter package for you, you know what you are getting. With an OEM starter, if the vehicle is new, Flashlogics has a system that plugs directly into the factory wiring. If the vehicle doesn’t have a dedicated module, the dealer may actually be installing an aftermarket system, or farming the job out to a third-party to do the work.


To View Aftermarket Remote Starter Systems Available For Your Vehicle