Cargo Slide Optional Stationary Second Deck Cargo Ease

by Cargo Ease
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$ 766.00
$ 689.00

Stationary Second Deck Option For Cargo Slide. This is one of the many options that can be added to your Cargo Bed Slide when you order it from the Cargo Ease Factory.


  • The Stationary Second Deck Has The Same Dimensions As The Cargo Slide Deck. It Just adds ANother Tier For The Cargo Slide

Other Cargo Slide Options:

  • Adjustable Sliding Tie Down System
  • Safety Brake System - Stops Slide When Handle Is Released
  • Rubber Deck Mat
  • Aluminum Diamond Deck
  • Composite Deck
  • 4 Inch Fold Down Side Rails
  • Side Rails In Break-Up Camouflage
  • Side Rails In Pink Break-Up Camouflage
  • Side Rails In Shadow Grass Camouflage
  • Side Rails In Winter Camouflage
  • Extreme Side Rails