RECON Projector Headlights Dodge Ram 13-16 CLEAR Part# 264276CLC

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Dodge RAM 13-16 1500 & 14-16 2500/3500 PROJECTOR HEADLIGHTS w/ Ultra High Power Smooth OLED DRL & High Power Amber LED Turn Signals - Clear / Chrome


Part # 264276CLC  - Clear / Chrome


Attn: These new Dodge RAM Projector headlights replace OEM headlights that come with OEM projectors ONLY. These RECON projector headlights WILL NOT fit if your RAM does not have OEM projectors from the factory. If your RAM did not come from the factory with OEM projectors, then you want RECON Part # 264270BKCC or 264270CLCC

These RECON Dodge RAM Projector Headlights are sold as a set & use H1 Style Headlight Bulbs for the Projector Low-Beam and 9005 Style Headlight Bulbs for the High-Beam.

These particular set of projector headlights ONLY come with basic halogen headlight bulbs pre-installed in the Low-Beam; however, if you wish to upgrade to HIDs or XENON Headlight Bulbs for your projector Low-Beams, then you must order those separately.

Keep in mind there are two bulbs in each projector headlight (one H1 style bulb for the low-beam & one 9005 style bulb for the high-beam), so you will need to buy two sets of headlight bulbs for each set of RECON Dodge RAM projector headlights you are upgrading the bulbs in assuming you want to upgrade both the low-beam and the high-beam to either Xenon Bulbs or full HIDs (A High Intensity Discharge Headlight System).