Cargo Locker Base 9 Inch Dual Drawer System 07-Pres Toyota Tundra Crew Max Cargo Ease

by Cargo Ease
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$ 3,390.00
$ 3,051.00

Cargo Lockers are the newest offering in the Cargo Ease Product Line. These PE Hard Plastic and aluminum drawer cargo storage units come in our Standard 9 inch height and Max 12 inch height with drawer capacities of 600 Lbs per drawer with 80 Per Cent extension. The aluminum frame and composite deck have a weight capacity of 2,000 Lbs.

  • 2,000 Lbs Weight Capacity (Evenly Distributed)
  • Structural Aluminum Frame And PE Top Decking
  • Single And Dual Drawer Systems
  • Standard 9 Inch And Max 12 Inch Heights
  • 600 Lbs Capacity Per Drawer
  • Automotive Grade Carpet Lined Drawers
  • 1 Long And 1 Wide Drawer Divider Provided - Additonal Dividers Available
  • 12 Bearings With Single Drawer - 24 Bearings With Dual Drawer
  • Turn Key Latching Locking System
  • Cargo Ease Slide Bracket
  • Cargo Lockers Can Be Special Ordered In Custom Sizes